Toyota Ireland recalls 36,000 cars across the country  8 years ago

Toyota Ireland recalls 36,000 cars across the country

Toyota Ireland has confirmed the voluntary recall of 9,232 Yaris, 10,357 Auris, 14,112 Corolla and 2,392 RAV 4 vehicles. So listen up...

The vehicles in question have been manufactured between September 2006 and December 2008, so if your Toyota was built between those dates and is one of the models above then you’ll need to visit your dealer ASAP (car dealer that is).


The Recall involves an issue with the Power Window Master Switch (PWMS), located in the driver’s door, which controls the windows for the driver and passengers.  Apparently, over time, the passenger window switches in the PWMS may begin to feel uneven or ‘notchy’ - as Toyota puts it - when operated. Continued operation may cause the switch to stick or become useless.

Should you be worried? Well, no, not really. Toyota Ireland will be writing directly to those owners involved in the recall to arrange to have their vehicles checked by their local dealer at a time convenient for them and at no cost, which is only fair.

The remedy involves applying a specially developed lubricant to the switch.  Or, if the switch is already demonstrating signs of malfunction, such as a sticking sensation then the switchboard will be replaced.

It only takes an hour for them to fix the job, so make sure to head down to your local Toyota dealer to get things sorted. Just don’t go bringing your Nissan down to them on the sly.