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25th Jun 2014

Trending Styles: The best bags to get you through all your summer days out

From festivals to a trip to the beach, you're going to need a good bag this summer. Have a gander at five of the best from Littlewoods Ireland.


From festivals to a trip to the beach, you’re going to need a good bag this summer. Have a gander at five of the best from Littlewoods Ireland.

The tricky subject of man bags is hard to broach. We all know lads who would happily carry around all their stuff in a 10-year-old ‘bag for life’ but that simply won’t cut it these days.

Ideally you should have a few different bags for different types of occasions and here’s a few that will get you through whatever you get up to this summer.

First up is a very nifty general backpack by Mi Pac. Not only is it a great price at just €20, but it is perfect for everything from a trip to the gym to a day at the beach. And, thanks to the nifty trim, it looks good too.

If you are festival bound, or doing a bit of camping, then this larger backback by Reese is an even better bet. Just €15, this canvas bag fits the trend for more old-style backpacks and it will hold tons of stuff too.

Everyone, and we mean everyone, should have a good messenger bag. They are the best way to carry any sort of documents, from college stuff to whatever bits of paper you need the next time you have to visit the post office/bank/etc… This one from Diesel is massive and will easily also have room for your tablet, lunch and whatever else you might need to cart around with you to work.

For a really top experience at the beach,or on holidays this bag by Oakley with an added cooler, is a must. Not only does it look good and made so well it will last forever, it also comes with a cooler built into the lower half of the bag to keep your water cold. How good, and useful, is that?

Finally, if you want a satchel at a decent price, then this Brad Smart one is perfect. On sale for just €22.50, it has everything you want in a satchel, including a secure zipped inside panel to keep any valuables nice and safe.

Those are a few great options to get the latest styles into your wardrobe, but there’s plenty more available from our mates over at Littlewoods Ireland who have all the latest trends at great prices.