TV reporter rescues stolen dog live on air while reporting on its theft 2 years ago

TV reporter rescues stolen dog live on air while reporting on its theft

A TV reporter was live on air in Massachusetts when she spotted a 13-month-old pup that was suspected to be stolen.

Juliana Mazza from 7News had been covering the story of a missing German shorthaired pointer called Titus when she spotted a similar looking dog in a car park in Cambridge, Massachusetts, whilst she was broadcasting live, Inside Edition reported.


The TV reporter made contact with the dog walker and started talking to him as the live broadcast continued.

She explained that she went to stroke the dog and check his name tag before making any conclusions.

Mazza said: "The first thing I did was I asked if I could pet the dog because I wanted to get down to the name tag to be able to confirm that the name matched the name of the missing dog."

The broadcaster took to Twitter to share the happy news.


Mazza said that the 29-year-old male suspect was arrested by Cambridge police. As reported by Inside Edition, the man has now been charged with breaking into a motor vehicle and larceny.

The man repeatedly claimed that the incident was a complete misunderstanding when Titus was found, as reported by 7News, explaining that he thought "it was supposed to be a dog I was dog walking."


Reflecting on the incident, Mazza said: "Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that I would be the one to find the dog."

The dog owner was overjoyed to be reunited with his dog, Titus, and thanked the broadcaster and the media for publicising his dog's disappearance.