#MyAgeInAPhrase is trending on Twitter and the answers are all different and brilliant 11 months ago

#MyAgeInAPhrase is trending on Twitter and the answers are all different and brilliant

"Back in my day"...

Twitter is a fantastic place where people just start random hashtags about anything in the hope that a big old thread of answers will follow.

We don't know who exactly started this one but hats off to them whoever it was.

My age in a phrase is trending on tinder and what is so fantastic about it is that, while it gives you a fair idea of what era the person might be from, it doesn't actually reveal their proper age.

The feed was refreshing every few seconds with tens of answers each time but here are a few that we decided to pick out and talk about.

What a pain that used to be, you'd be just set up nicely on Bebo and the next thing, bang, someone would ring the phone. Disaster.


Lisa, count yourself extremely lucky.

Ross is one of the funniest characters on Friends. This phrase is still thrown out from time to time and whether you watched Friends in real time back in the 90s or know this from the millions of re-runs, it's still a classic.

"Chilling out maxing, relaxing all cool and all shooting some b-ball outside of the school."


So much money was spent on these stupid things, how did we thing they were cool?

The Suite Life, That's So Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana, we honestly could keep going.

By the time you got to the start of the tape, you didn't even want to watch it anymore.


Not sure if Scott is referring to the first time someone landed on the moon or if he's on about Michael Jackson's moonwalk.

Shea, we salute you and your honesty.

All together now, Kel loves orange soda.

When it gets dark it's time to come home but only after you finished 'next goal wins'.

Now that, is the definition of the good old days.

When she took over a Clonakilty butcher's shop in the 1970s with her husband Eddie, Colette Twomey had no idea that a secret recipe was about to change their lives forever...