WATCH: Two men tackle Ireland's hottest curry, with inevitably painful results 6 years ago

WATCH: Two men tackle Ireland's hottest curry, with inevitably painful results

"If I stop, I'm gonna start crying..." This pair was no match for Ireland's hottest curry.

This week on The JOE Show, we had some of Ireland's freshest musical talent and comedic brilliance from Tipp funnymen The 2 Johnnies. We also had Ireland's hottest curry.


On What's The Story, Joe Gorman and Kymann Power tackled the fabled ghost chilli pepper, made into a curry by culinary heavyweight Muhammad Ali in Spice N Rice on Dorset Street.

The ghost pepper is grown in the Assam and Nagaland regions of Northern India. It registers over one million units on the Scoville Scale, the internationally-recognised measure of chilli hotness. That's 200 times hotter than a jalapeno and 400 times hotter than Tabasco Sauce.

To give you an idea of just how dangerous the ghost pepper is, last year a competitive eater in America burned a 2.5cm hole in his oesophagus after consuming one. The Indian Army has begun using them in pepper spray and anti-terrorist grenades.

So the curry was going to be hot. Very hot.


After receiving a guided tour from the delightful folks at Spice N Rice, Joe and Kymann watched the chef get down to work, throwing a handful of dried, evil-looking chilli into the pan before adding tomato, ginger, fennel and cooking up a thermonuclear storm.

The result, served with fresh naan and rice, looked delicious and smelled like molten lava, almost singeing the lads' nose hairs.

Kymann bravely took a massive first scoop and at first, it seemed alright. Joe ate several mouthfuls and was pleasantly surprised at the aromatic sauce.

Then came the heat, essentially a gargantuan dose of delayed pain in the mouth and throat. An ocean of sweat, coughing fits and creative swearing soon followed. The dull ache of burning heat wasn't assuaged by multiple bottles of water, but they ploughed on regardless.


Martin and Muhammad behind the counter were clearly impressed by the JOE team's tenacity and proceeded to offer them something "a bit dangerous" - a sauce with a concoction of various lethally hot chillis that almost brought the pair to their knees.

Limping out of Spice N Rice with swollen tongues, sweaty brows and doomed gastrointestinal tracts, they couldn't help but feel they should have ordered something a little less aggressive from the award-winning menu.

Want to see how Joe and Kymann handled the phall curry? Do you think you'd be able for it? Check it out below...