Cardinal who founded the precursor to UCD has been made a saint 2 years ago

Cardinal who founded the precursor to UCD has been made a saint

Quite the promotion.

Cardinal John Henry Newman, the first Rector of Catholic University Ireland, which would go on to become UCD, has been made a saint by Pope Francis.


Newman was English, and has become the first English person to be canonised in over 50 years.

He spent four years teaching in Ireland.

According to the BBC, Newman has been credited with two miracles: curing a man's crippling spinal disease and healing a woman's unstoppable bleeding.

In addition to his status as a cardinal, Newman was regarded as a leading literary figure during his life, having published several theological essays, including Tracts for These Times.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has paid tribute to a figure who has had an important impact on Irish history, writing:

"Canonisation of Cardinal Newman is significant day for all Catholics and for Ireland.

"Left remarkable legacy here including founding UCD, and changed our idea of education. One of finest writers of his time, and committed to ecumenical cooperation between churches."


Four others were also canonised at the ceremony:

Mother Mariam Thresia from India, Marguerite Bays from Switzerland, Mother Giuseppina Vannini from Italy and Sister Dulce Lopes Ponte from Brazil.