This girl's "unsolicited dick pic" fancy dress costume wins the internet 3 years ago

This girl's "unsolicited dick pic" fancy dress costume wins the internet

This woman has some balls.

Well, she has balls for wearing this but just to clear it up, her unsolicited dick pic fancy dress costume did not have any balls at all.


Yes, you read it right, don't readjust your screen. Clementine Ford is an Australian writer, broadcaster and public speaker and she has a regular column in Daily Life. She also has a very hilarious friend called Amy.

Amy was invited to an internet themed fancy dress party. Now our ideas for an internet themed costume would consist of something Facebook or Twitter related but Amy decided to think completely outside the box...

Ford's friend stuck a penis on her head and had a message screen pinned to it which was dangling down over her clothes.

The message reads: "Hey. Fancy a fuck?" to which the person who has received the message responds "no I do not."

Three more messages are sent from the other end where the sender says, "would be fun" and "I took another pic for you" and the two messages are separated by a winky face in between.


It is not known whether this message was sent to Amy herself or whether it is just a random one that someone else has received but one thing is for certain, Amy has just won the internet.

We also want to know if Amy's dick pic costume was actually invited to the party or if it just showed up although nobody asked for it...