Ireland is about to get its very first social media festival 5 years ago

Ireland is about to get its very first social media festival

Not entirely sure what a "social media festival" is? That's okay, because neither were we...

Just about every aspect of modern life has a festival devoted to it.


Movies, music, books, food, fashion, gaming, travel... you name it, there is probably a festival about it.

Which brings us to Upload Festival, which is aiming to be Ireland's first social media communal extravaganza.

Anyone who might think that social media is, almost by definition, impossible to have a festival for, because it basically involves people using apps on their phones and not being particularly social at all, then you are in for a bit of a rude awakening.

As per the festival's own website, this is what you can expect:


"A live stream event hosting content creators and influencers from the US, the UK and Ireland, with dedicated zones for fashion, gaming, lifestyle, beauty, education and more!

"The festival line up will include meet and greets with YouTubers and influencers, fashion shows, creator panels, demos, masterclasses, gaming battles, pop up shops and educational talks on online safety.

"Get the opportunity to experience the world of social media in a whole new dimension!"

The already confirmed list of influencers include fashion and make-up specialist Aimee Connolly, food lovers GastroGays, video-game YouTuber Jerome ASF, fashion blogger Louise Cooney, Snapchat star Sinead O'Brien of Sinead's Curvy Style, and make-up artist Tara O'Farrell of Tara MakeUp.


Early bird tickets are available to purchase right now, with single-day general admission prices starting at €18, and weekend-long meet-and-greet tickets going for €41.50.