VIDEO: '100 years of Irish beauty' portrays Northern Irish women as '70s terrorists 6 years ago

VIDEO: '100 years of Irish beauty' portrays Northern Irish women as '70s terrorists

Talk about an absolute clanger. have posted a clip from WatchCut Video that veers dangerously close to the distasteful.


The company's latest entry in the '100 Years of Beauty' series looks at the style differences between women in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland over the last 100 years.

That's all very well, until it gets to the 1970s and the version of a Northern Irish woman is seen wearing a beret and holding a machine gun.

Josh Potter, involved in the making of the video, explained how all women in Northern Ireland in the 1970s were members of a terrorist group why the image of the model holding the gun was allowed to remain.


"We used a look inspired by women who were fighting in the Irish Republican Army. Whether or not we were glorifying violence or terrorism by including the IRA look was a question I asked of myself and I think we asked of each other," he said.

"I wanted to use the look simply because it reflected the violence of the time period. I think we would have done a disservice to the project by leaving that look out, because that would have whitewashed a large part of North Ireland's history."

Looking at the comments, one user in particular was not impressed. 'Chris' commented: 'a bit f*cking stereotypical putting the gun in the 70s northern Ireland one... my grandmother and her side of the family were northern Irish, and we're not f*cking terrorists you ignorant c***s... in fact, her brother in law was killed by the IRA when answering his front door, find it quite appalling you'd put that in there.'