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Video: A priest in Malaga brings people back to the church by dancing during mass
The Catholic Church: They've made a few... changes.

The Catholic Church: They've made a few... changes.

A priest in Malaga has seen attendance at his masses go through the roof thanks to him performing dance routines down the aisles.

Father Pepe has brought parishioners flocking back to the Nuestra Señora del Carmen church in Campanilla by dancing the sevillanas – a traditional dance linked to flamenco – during mass.

"Something happens when I dance," said Father Pepe, full name Jose Planas Moreno, who will retire this September at the age of 67.

"I love it. It brings me closer to God," he told Diario Sur, the local Malaga newspaper.

He's good, but he's not quite up to Father Liam's standards...


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