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Video: A spontaneous Toure brothers chant brought traffic to a standstill in Sligo last night
So it got pretty mental in the middle of Sligo town in the early hours of this morning…

So it got pretty mental in the middle of Sligo town in the early hours of this morning…

As if often the case in this country, the real craic on a night out in Sligo didn’t start until after the nightclub, when a huge crowd of revellers gathered outside Pure for a spontaneous rendition of a now famous and widely-known chant about the brothers Toure.

According to Denis O’Hara, who sent us in the video, the scenes below went on for about 30 minutes before it got a little out of hand when some over enthusiastic youths climbed atop a van and started jumping on the roof, with one of them even whipping off his top for good measure. It is Freshers' Week so it was always going to be a bit livelier than usual.

At that stage, the Gardai arrived to restore some order to the situation and those present had to postpone their worship of Kolo and Yaya for another day.


Just you average mid-week night out in an Irish college town, eh?

Thanks to Denis O’Hara for sending the video in via Facebook.

Waiting below is probably the best business show in Ireland…

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