Video: Bad parker gets his just deserts 6 years ago

Video: Bad parker gets his just deserts

A group of mates in the US were sick and tired of this Jaguar driver taking up two parking spots outside their apartment, so they decided to teach the bloke a lesson in how to park a car.

Some might call this move petty, but in fairness, there’s nothing worse than someone who takes up two parking spots just because they’re worried someone will hit into their precious car. So we think it’s well deserved…

It takes the Jag driver a few minutes to plan how exactly he’s going to get his car out of the tight squeeze, but he eventually manages to climb over the passenger seat and drives off.

The friends all seemed to get a kick out of their scheme and it's sure to make the Jag driver park a little better next time... So at least it ended well for all.

(If there's any confusion over the spelling of 'deserts' read this)