Video: Botched BBQ burns 64 cars in Brittany 6 years ago

Video: Botched BBQ burns 64 cars in Brittany

Two French lads decided to have a quick BBQ before a stunt show in France, but instead of cooking up some tasty meat they inadvertently destroyed 64 cars.

There are currently a lot of angry motorists in Noyal-Pontivy, Brittany, and the footage below will show you why…

According to reports, the blaze broke out after two drunken blokes decided to have a BBQ before the stunt show started. However, they failed to extinguish their BBQ properly before leaving to see the show and they inadvertently destroyed 64 cars in the process.

Thankfully, the two men in question, aged 32 and 37, admitted to police that they thought they had put out the BBQ before leaving it unattended. So at least they didn’t run off and pretend like it didn’t happen.

Even though the two men confessed to causing the fire by accident, they now face up to two years in prison.

Via The Local