Video: Driver in Cork makes hilariously bad attempts at parallel parking 6 years ago

Video: Driver in Cork makes hilariously bad attempts at parallel parking

They say that if at first you don’t succeed then you should try and try again, but the driver in this clip should really have given up a lot sooner than they did.

We’ll be the first to admit that parallel parking can be tough and there are an awful lot of drivers who will have been embarrassed by their failure to squeeze their own motor into a particularly tricky spot, especially if there are people in the car with them or there are passers-by looking on.

That said, most people know when they are beaten and if they don’t get it in on the first, second or even third attempt, they’ll drive off with their pride well and truly dented and look for an easier spot.

One driver outside the Bailey bar in Cork wasn’t about to give up easily in their attempts to squeeze into a spot down a fairly narrow laneway earlier today, however and after failing to get into one available space, they moved onto another and suffered the same fate all over again before finally giving up after the best part of four minutes.

The entire episode was captured on CCTV camera by a couple of mischievous scamps who happened to be in the vicinity of the camera monitor while it was taking place although, mercifully, the identity of the driver in question and the number plate of the car aren’t quite visible in the video above.

As Tyrone once said in Snatch, it was at a funny angle…

Hat-tip to Ollie Favier, Martyn Rosney and the folks at The Bailey in Cork for their help with this one