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30th Apr 2016

VIDEO: Laois man uses drill for the first time, predictably and hilariously, it ends badly

Alan Loughnane

Oh dear, oh dear.

When you’re just not good at DIY, the safest thing to do is hire in your local handyman, it’ll probably save you a lot of bother in the long run.

Keith Fleming, originally from Clondalkin but now living in Laois, decided that he’d connect the Wifi to his shed outside so he could have some alone time when things were getting too much.

Unfortunately for Keith, he’s not the most adept at drilling, and when he decided to bore a hole in the wall it was always going to end badly.


Poor Keith, after initially struggling to tighten the drill bit, ended up perilously close to the wire connecting his Sky, we think you can imagine what happened next.

However, our favourite moment comes when Keith realises he’s made an error with his first attempt and proceeds to try and “get the hoover because she’ll snap”.

“She” being his significant other Lisa, who returns to the room to confront the chaos that has unfolded in the corner. Lisa, who sent in this clip to JOE, now wishes to be known as Bob the Builder’s wife following Keith’s exploits.

Filmed by his son Grant, who is really no help in the situation, watch the drama unfold below…


Video via delfleming1

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