Video: Good guy biker helps commuter who was late for the bus 9 years ago

Video: Good guy biker helps commuter who was late for the bus

Someone give this guy a medal, just for being an absolute legend.

Most of you know what it’s like to miss a bus by mere seconds (some of you probably experienced the feeling this morning). It sucks and you have to instantly start thinking of excuses to tell your boss when you eventually get into the office.


However, thanks to one good guy biker in Romania, this late commuter managed to catch his bus on time.

The video’s uploader, anothergxg, provided a bit of backstory over on YouTube: “So I was driving around and I saw a man trying to catch a bus which obviously missed. I stopped and ask the guy if he wanted a ride to the next bus stop and he climbed on my scoot.

“He told me that the bus stops there every one hour. It was the Friday before Easter and I think the guy was going home. The bus driver didn't stop at the next stop, so I took the man one more bus stop and I hope the bus stopped the third time :).


“I didn't add any translation because there's not much talk. The guy thanked me a lot :) The video is shot with Drift HD Ghost, the "motorcycle" is a 2002 Honda Silverwing.”

Said Sliverwing pictured below for anyone who’s curious…