Video: IndyCar pit crew member causes collision during race 8 years ago

Video: IndyCar pit crew member causes collision during race

During the weekend’s GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, IndyCar driver Scott Dixon struck a pit crew member from a rival team as he exited pit lane, but it wasn’t really Dixon’s fault.

In fairness to the New Zealander Scott Dixon, Will Power’s crew member pretty much had it coming…


Dixon and Power (the same Will Power who flipped off race officials) were battling it out for first place during the 2013 GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma when both drivers went into the pits for new tyres late in the race.

Dixon entered the pits first, giving him a slight advantage, but when he attempted to leave the pits he hit one of Power’s crew who was nonchalantly strolling around the back of Power’s car.

The clash sends the mechanic flying into one of his fellow crew members, but the lads eventually get up and they didn't look too hurt following the incident.

Dixon received a drive through penalty for the crash, but in a post race interview he said it was a “dick move” on behalf of the crew member in question.

Now, when you look back at the replay the penalty does seem a bit harsh, as the it reveals that the pit crew member didn’t even look at Dixon’s car leaving the pit behind him and he made no effort to get the protruding tyre out of the way.

The penalty dropped Dixon from first in the race to 20th, but he ended up finishing in 15th place.