Video: Irish big-wave surfer stars in cool new Jägermeister advert 7 years ago

Video: Irish big-wave surfer stars in cool new Jägermeister advert

The Irish big-wave surfer Richie Fitzgerald stars in the first ever Jägermeister TV advert aimed at UK and Irish viewers… and it’s epic.

Jägermeister will air their first UK TV advert during England’s friendly with Denmark next month on March 5 on ITV, but for those of you who can’t wait that long, you can check out the cool new ad below…


The advert features a group of real-life professional surfers including Oli Adams, Ben Skinner and Ireland’s own Ritchie Fitzgerald, as they brave some fairly chilly looking conditions in order to catch some extreme waves.

According to MediaWeek, the 60-second ad was shot over ten days in Iceland, without storyboards or scripts.

Speaking to the MorningAdvertiser, Nicole Goodwin, the group marketing manager at Jägermeister UK, said: “The new advert was created in the true character of Jägermeister using real friends and no scripts so that the finished film focuses on those unique bonding moments you only get with your mates.

“The new advert is set to raise awareness amongst core consumers (18-35 year old men), keeping the brand at the forefront of their minds as they head out for drinks with their friends or to the shops to stock up for a big night in.”

In fairness to Jägermeister, it’s a good, memorable advert and we’re sure Richie and the lads had an absolute blast making it.

Pic via Jägermeister UK – Facebook