Video: “Irish gypsy” calls out Joe Rogan for a bare-knuckle fight 9 years ago

Video: “Irish gypsy” calls out Joe Rogan for a bare-knuckle fight

Okay… so it’s not actually a call out video. It’s the latest comedy sketch from Owen ‘Buzz’ Colgan of Hardy Bucks fame, but still, it’s absolutely brilliant.

This self-proclaimed ‘King of the Gypsies’ has decided to take on the stand-up comedian, actor, writer and trained martial artist, Joe Rogan, so he’s made this call out video to let big Joe know that he means business. It’s quite funny.


Even funnier than the video itself is the fact that some people in the comment section of YouTube, who have obviously never seen any of Colgan’s previous work, seem to think that the video is genuine with one YouTube user, named footytang, going so far as to say: “You will be put on your back in under 15 seconds and then become like a fish outa water while getting elbowed into nap time or more likely he will just toss on a d'arce choke variation. Either way, you will be putting your jammies on.” [sic]

Nap time? Jammies? D'arce choke? Looks like Buzz just opened up a can of Joe Rogan flavoured whoop-ass…

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