VIDEO: Irish man Colm Flynn 'urban explores' New York from over 500ft 6 years ago

VIDEO: Irish man Colm Flynn 'urban explores' New York from over 500ft

Would you have the guts for this?

Lots of people can testify to the beauty of New York City, but not many can give a first-hand account of the rush that comes from facing down a hurtling subway train, or dangling over the edge of a skyscraper.


Radio presenter, Colm Flynn got a glimpse of this lifestyle when he met the 21-year-old, urban explorer Greg for a spot of rooftop-hopping 101.

Greg, a seasoned urban explorer, describes the locations that he visited with Colm as 'simple little rooftops', which should give you an idea of quite how dangerous urban exploration can be.

Flynn conducted a longer interview with Greg that can be heard on his Soundcloud podcast below. In it, Greg admits that his parents spend every day thinking that he's going to die - but all of his friends are on board.

Greg goes on to stress that he doesn't do it for Facebook or Instagram or to have the only Snapchat Story in the world worth watching. He does it for himself, to 'see the unseen and feel fear'.

The interview is conducted in real-time as Greg leads Flynn onto a 5x5 balcony that hangs above New York City, over 500 feet in the air. It's the kind of thing that most people will be neither brave nor stupid enough to attempt, so this is a great opportunity for some vicarious living.


Clip via Colm Flynn.