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19th Dec 2015

VIDEO: Look out for these 18 Irish lunatics on the darts on Sky Sports tonight

Joe Harrington

Oi, Oi, Oi!

Ray Ford from Knock is having his stag in London this week and it looks like himself and his friends are in for a brilliant weekend.

They’re heading off to the World Darts Championship at the Ally Pally and they’ve dressed up for the occasion.

Ray is the bowling ball and his buddies are the pins, look at the state of them.

There’s 18 in the group in total with boys from Kerry and Mayo making up the most of it and they’re sure to get some attention with those strike-ing… costumes. Am I right?

The guys also have a party piece, check that out here.

The darts is live on Sky Sports 2 at 8pm tonight, keep your eyes peeled.

Have a good night, guys.

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