Video: Mercedes-Benz AMG cooks up some tasty Christmas treats 10 years ago

Video: Mercedes-Benz AMG cooks up some tasty Christmas treats

When you hear the letters AMG you instantly think of the high performance motors and stunningly designed super cars, but you might not necessarily think of baked goods...

You may remember an article we had on Mercedes-Benz AMG not too long ago. If you missed it then fear not, as you can check it out here. Basically, AMG is the tuning house of Mercedes-Benz and if you want to turn your Mercedes into a leaner, meaner, power-horse of a machine (more so than it already is) then you send it off to AMG.


The tuning house recently recorded this festive little number using a beautiful SLS AMG GT3 and we have to say, we got a festive laugh out of it.

The video starts off with a handful of mechanics working in a garage on an empty racetrack at night. They’re working underneath the hood of an SLS AMG GT3 when finally they finish up looking merry and contempt with whatever engine work they’ve just completed – however, they’ve actually been working on a little bit more than just the gorgeous high-powered engine.

The car takes off, tearing around the empty track and you can hear the engineers in the ear of the driver telling him that it’s all about temperature, which seems a bit odd at first. However, it shows how powerful and expertly crafted the AMG is under the hood and as a petrol head, it's hard not to feel some chills down your spine when that engine growls...


It’s only when the driver gets back to the pit lane and the lads open the bonnet that we realise the SLS AMG was actually cooking up some festive Mercedes-Benz themed treats.

It’s a pretty cool Christmas ad – certainly the best we’ve seen so far – and we’re now dying to see what an AMG cooked cookie tastes like. It's just another way that Mercedes-Benz and everyone at AMG are saying Merry Christmas to everyone this year.

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