Video: Pinball wizard gets ball stuck between bumpers 6 years ago

Video: Pinball wizard gets ball stuck between bumpers

This guy over in the States was taking part in the 2014 Michigan Pinball Expo when he made a one-in-a-million shot that ended up scoring him quite a lot of points.

Like us, a lot of you reading this have probably spent countless hours playing pinball machines back in the day, whether it was down at the arcade or while you were on holidays. In all our time playing pinball, we were never quite able to pull off a shot quite as spectacular as the one in the video above.

Here’s what the video’s uploader, lilmul123, said on YouTube: “This was taken at the 2014 Michigan Pinball Expo. I was playing a pinball game, and I got the ball caught perfectly between a bumper and a kicker. This continued for a few minutes until the bumper's solenoid finally burned out.”

Sadly, the pinball wizard in question didn’t get the high score even after this incredibly lucky shot, but at least he got a recording of it… even if it was shot vertically.