VIDEO: Plane forced to make dramatic emergency landing in Mullingar field due to lightning storm 6 years ago

VIDEO: Plane forced to make dramatic emergency landing in Mullingar field due to lightning storm

Not something you see everyday.

That fabled Irish heatwave finally arrived on Sunday afternoon, but to say the most recent weekend's weather was mixed is a massive understatement.


JOE reader Belinda Nolan was on hand to capture some very interesting footage of a small plane that had to make an emergency landing in a Mullingar field, due to a hazardous lightning storm.

Take a look at the plane as it safely lands in a field that's very close to Mullingar Rugby Football Club. Despite the nerve-racking ordeal, we're informed the pilot was in good spirits.


In Belinda's own words, she noticed that, "the plane was flying pretty low, we noticed the pilot was circling a couple of times, and realised then that there was something wrong. We pulled over near the rugby club in Mullingar and that's when we saw the plane was about to land. We drove in the direction of it and that's when we saw it in the field".


Here's footage of the plane circling the skies above.

Belinda, along with other concerned spectators in the area, immediately checked on the welfare of the pilot.

"When the plane stopped, we saw the pilot getting out and that's when he told us he was having a spot of engine trouble. Another man pulled over and got into the field to help as he said he feared whoever was in the plane was after crashing", she says.


Take a look as the plane makes its landing in Mullingar.

It seems the pilot managed to keep his wits and sense of humour about him though. He blamed the unexpected landing on a teddy bear that was in the cockpit with him during those nervy moments.

The intended destination for the pilot was Abbyshrule air field, but there's a positive ending to this story.


After the pilot's ordeal, a kind onlooker actually drove him to the nearby Park Hotel because he needed a bed for the night.

All's well that ends well.

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