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26th Jul 2013

Video: Probably the funniest bicycle crash you’ll see this year

He was so, so close...


He was so, so close…

We’re not normally in the habit of laughing at people falling off bicycles as it can be embarrassing and often extremely painful for the poor victim involved, but we’re willing to make an exception in this case.

Trying to navigate a short but very steep climb along a forest route, our intrepid friend in the video above was so, so close to reaching his target destination before disaster struck at the very last second.

The crash itself is pretty funny as it is, but the dramatic background music that times out just as he comes up short and his desperate cries of ‘sh*t, sh*t, shi*t, sh*t’ as he begins to realise his fate add even more humour to the whole experience.

A bit cruel? Maybe, but try and tell us you didn’t laugh even just a little bit.

Hat-tip: Reddit

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