Video: Rough road impact sets off airbag 8 years ago

Video: Rough road impact sets off airbag

This poor bloke got a face full of expandable cushion after the airbag in his car unexpectedly deployed on a rough bit of road.

Airbags are designed to deploy in a crash, but as this unfortunate bloke in Russia found out, if you hit a rough bit of road hard enough you might get a bit of a nasty shock.


It looks like the chassis of the miniature Hyundai Matrix hits a bump in the road before the wheels can get enough height to clear it. The impact is so hard it even lifts the rear left wheel off the ground. The video is timestamped from 2010, but chances are the camera in question probably just wasn't updated whenever it was bought.

We’re sure the driver will takes things handy the next time he drives over rough roads.