Video: The car used in Honda’s epic advert ‘The Other Side’ was a fake 8 years ago

Video: The car used in Honda’s epic advert ‘The Other Side’ was a fake

Did you see Honda’s absolutely amazing advert dubbed ‘The Other Side’? Well it transpires that a lot of the advert was created using special effects…

Honda’s ‘The Other Side’ ad is undoubtedly one of the best adverts we’ve seen this year thanks to its ingenuity in featuring two adverts as one and also for featuring one of the meanest looking cars ever made: The Civic Type R.


If you didn’t see it the first time around, then you can check it out here. You won't be disappointed...

However, all is not as it seems, as a lot of the footage used in the advert, specifically the scenes featuring the Civic Type R, were actually created using CGI. We have to admit Honda certainly fooled us, as we never once suspected anything was ‘fake’.

Speaking about the video, the graphic design The Mill, who were the team behind the CGI, said: “The Mill worked with Wieden & Kennedy, Stink Digital and Somesuch director Daniel Wolfe to create Honda’s online interactive film launching its high-performance Civic Type R model.

“Ahead of the automobile's launch, The Mill’s 3D team carefully crafted the red Type R model entirely in CG for the film and the expert Flame team seamlessly composited the CG vehicle into the night-time narrative to match perfectly with our hero’s daytime alter-ego.”


When we first saw The Other Side, we were impressed. Now, we’re absolutely blown away. Well done, Honda.