Video: The Irish ‘Mythbushters’ are absolutely brilliant 9 years ago

Video: The Irish ‘Mythbushters’ are absolutely brilliant

If they’re not bushtin’ old wives tales they’re bushtin’ old wives… apparently.

These five Irish lads have taken it upon themselves to busht a few myths for the good of the nation and in fairness to them, they’ve done a fine job. Their YouTube bio reads: “5 sound men bushting myths. If we can't busht them, we'll busht you!!” Says a lot, really.


The action kicks off at the 1:10 mark and it’s absolutely gas. Fair play to the five lads involved: John Whelan, J.J. Lennon, Micheál Downey, Emmet Kent and Eddie Byrne.

Hat tip to Colm O’Leary for sending the video our way on Twitter…