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22nd Apr 2016

VIDEO: These two Irish dancers are going to be absolute superstars

Paul Moore

Irish and proud.

We’ve been treated to some wonderful celebrations to commemorate the 1916 centenary as Irish culture and history has been widely celebrated. While it’s impossible to define what it means to be Irish, there are certain things that we’ll always be proud of.

Music, sport and the arts are areas in which Irish people have excelled in and this tribute from Irish dancers James Devine and Dave Geaney is as good as anything that you’ve seen.

James is from Ardnacrusha, Clare, and he’s a three time World Champion dancer and is also certified by the Guinness World Records for the fastest feet in the world with an astonishing 38 taps per second. Dave is from Dingle, Kerry and he’s a five time World Champion and has been dubbed the “present day Fred Astaire” by Irish musician Sharon Shannon.

The two men have made a scintillating video which showcases what they do best along with some famous moments from Ireland’s sporting, political and cultural history.

Take a look.