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20th Feb 2015

Video: These South African lads are cutting off Hipsters’ man-buns in drive-by-haircuts

Man-bun wearers beware…

Oisin Collins

Are you a fan of the ‘mun’ (man-bun)?

If you are currently sporting a man-bun and you happen to be in South Africa then you better keep an eye out for these ‘pranksters’, better known on YouTube as Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to rid S.A. of the Hipster mun by doing some drive-by-haircuts. Which is a tad rich seeing as one of the lads (in the passenger seat) is the definition of Hipster.

Just look at that ‘tache…


Anyway, the lads manage to snatch a few muns, or knots as they call them, and they seem pretty happy with their bounty. Check it out…

Via Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues