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07th Feb 2016

VIDEO: This is why you shouldn’t dance on a table in Cork at six in the morning

Alan Loughnane

She definitely regrets it now…

A lot of things you do at 6am may seem like a great idea at the time but we can assure you, doing some Irish dancing on a table is not one of them.

Poor Bríd decided to ignore the little angel sitting on her left shoulder in favour of the devil on right one and took off into a jig on the table.

It did not end well for poor Bríd…

Epic Irish Dancing Fail from our very own Dirb McGowan Watch until the very end. Video credit: Eilís Moriarty. Video editing: Cathy Kerbey LIKE AND SHARE #tradfest2016 #bambidoesseannos #corktrad

Posted by Cathy Kerbey on Sunday, February 7, 2016

We can confirm that she didn’t sustain any injuries in the fall apart from some severely bruised pride.

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