Video: This is why you shouldn’t undertake other motorists 6 years ago

Video: This is why you shouldn’t undertake other motorists

Some people just have no patience when it comes to driving on the road, but as this pretty horrific looking crash from Canada will show you, undertaking on the road just isn’t worth it.

Here’s a good look at why you should never undertake on the road, let alone undertake a large truck that has massive blind spots (The crash starts around the 1:00 mark, if you're in a hurry).

The crash occurred in Langley, British Columbia, earlier this week while both drivers were travelling at around 100km/h and according to the description on YouTube, a mother and her two young kids were in the car at the time of the incident. Thankfully, they all managed to walk away from the wreck.

Here’s what the video’s uploader, ‘Andyman’, had to say: “There was a older man driving the cube truck, and a women in the car, with two kids in the back seat (sic). We where first on the scene, everyone was fine, and was able to crawl out of the wreck. Only the women had a broken wrist. The kids where fine. Scary, but everyone walked away.”

While the large truck probably should have been in the slow lane in the first place, the driver of the car should have known better. Especially with two kids in the back.