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07th Jun 2016

VIDEO: Two comedians sum up every Irish Mammy on the eve of the Leaving Cert

Alan Loughnane

“I hear the Fiona’s young fella hasn’t opened a book…”

The Leaving Cert is mere hours away and around the country, there’s more than a few nervous teens cramming a year’s worth of study into one night.

But sure don’t worry, your mother lit a candle and got some holy water, you’ll be grand…

For those of us not doing the Leaving, it’s a joyous time because you can plan your holidays around the fact that the weather is always fantastic for the state examinations.

But thinking back to your own Leaving Cert experience, it’s pretty easy to remember all the times your parents were on your back about studying, but you were just sitting there like…


Well Nuala and Noleen also known as Roslyn Sheridan and Teresa McBride, have created this video which just about sums up your typical Irish mammy around exam time.

Sit back and enjoy.

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