Video: Watch as the world's fastest lawnmower hits 116mph (187kph) 9 years ago

Video: Watch as the world's fastest lawnmower hits 116mph (187kph)

It’s official… Honda’s ‘Mean Mower’ is the fastest grass cutter on the planet.

Honda UK, along with their touring car partners Team Dynamics and Piers Ward of BBC TopGear Magazine, are now officially the proud holders of the Guinness World Record for the world’s fastest lawnmower.



Honda’s bladed beast, better known as the ‘Mean Mower’, is a once off Honda HF2622 mower that features a 1000cc Honda motor bike engine, along with a few other fairly substantial modifications.

The Mean Mower has been given new wheels and suspension from a Honda ATV, while the grass bag conceals a fuel tank, a high-capacity oil cooler and a secondary radiator. Honda even claims a top speed of 130mph (210kmh)…



However, the Mean Mower was clocked setting an average speed of 116.57mph (187kph) during its record run at the North Straight at IDIADA in Tarragona, Spain, making it officially the world’s fastest lawnmower.

For €58,000, the Mean Mower can also cut grasses at speed up to 24km/h, which is twice the speed of Honda’s regular lawnmowers just in case you’re wondering. Check out the Guinness World Record run in the video below.