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21st Feb 2016

VIDEO: Wheel of Fortune contestant really needs to work on his geography

Alan Loughnane

This is just painful to watch…

On the famous TV show Wheel of Fortune, an American man won a trip to Venice, but when asked what country he thought it was in, he answered “Paris”.


All we know about the contestant is his name is David, he won a tidy $60,432 and a trip to Venice with his wife Keri, who mercifully seems to have more geography knowledge than her spouse.

At least David manages to correct his error by saying “France” but still manages to be just a little fundamentally wrong with his guess.

David will have the last laugh though, he’s probably sitting under the Eiffel Tower on a gondola in Venice, Italy right now, while we sit here laughing at him. That cheeky b*stard…

Clip via Remy G

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