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13th Nov 2013

Video: Woman in China drives in reverse on motorway for 2km after missing her exit

If it wasn’t so ridiculously dangerous, you’d have to laugh.

Conor Heneghan

If it wasn’t so ridiculously dangerous, you’d have to laugh.

We’ve all, or at least quite a lot of us, have found ourselves in the situation where we’ve missed an exit on a motorway or a dual carriageway, usually on a road we’re not quite familiar with or when we’re just not concentrating on where we’re going.

No matter how mad you are with yourself for doing so, or not matter how far away the next exit is, nobody in their right mind would think that reversing in the direction of oncoming traffic, on a motorway, for two whole kilometres, to get back to the exit you were supposed to use in the first place, is the proper course of action to take.

Amazingly, that’s what the lady in the video above, which was uploaded to Liveleak, decided to do in China in the last couple of days, narrowly avoiding a series of collisions as she reversed her car down the hard shoulder until arriving back at the original exit.

As you’ll see her reversing technique was far from perfect and she flirted with complete disaster on a number of occasions and it is frankly amazing that nobody was seriously hurt.

You’re probably thinking that there’s a women drivers joke in here somewhere but this has nothing at all to do with gender or bad driving, just absolute stupidity and complete lack of regard for the safety of fellow motorists.


Hat-tip: Liveleak and to TTT Clips for sending it into us

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