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26th Oct 2023

Viral Amsterdam dad voicenote story has been debunked

Joseph Loftus


It was the story of the week but the voicenote of the century

Let’s be honest we’ve all heard it by now. The voicenote that took Twitter (X) by storm just a few days ago. The story of a joint stag and hen do in Amsterdam that brought father and daughter together like never before through the help of a wall with a hole in the middle of it.

Many of you will know what we’re talking about.

By now, that infamous voicenote, shared onto X and listened to over 20 million times, has sparked horror and concern into listeners from across the globe.

“Surely that’s not real”, I hear you call, beckon. And now we have the truth.

Charlotte Walton was the apparent girl behind the voicenote who swore that the story is “all verified” as the girl lives with a friend of a friend (ah right yes, verified). But now thanks to an investigation by Vice News, we really do have the truth.

Amsterdam erotic cinema debunks story

Vice News, who explain in their article that they have extensively covered ‘glory holes’ in the past, figured that there was only one way to verify the story’s legitimacy: by contacting every glory hole in Amsterdam.

A big task you’d think, for a city so famed for its lager, canals, and promiscuity. However, you’d think wrong, as Vice found out rather quickly that there’s only one glory hole in all of Amsterdam that caters for both men and women (all of the others are male only).

This particular den of musk is called the William Higgins le Salon and it’s on the main street of Nieuwendijk.

William Higgins le Salon describes itself as “the number one erotic cinema” in all of Amsterdam, but does it have a button allowing father to see daughter from either side of the wall?

After calling up the “cinema”, Vice asked the person on the receiving end: “Is there a button you can press on your glory holes, to see the person on the other side?”

“No, there’s just holes,” they replied, “No button.”

And so there you have it folks, no buttons, just b****cks.

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