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03rd Apr 2018

Say hello to The Walmart Yodel Boy aka 2018’s best meme yet

Rory Cashin

“Sweet DaaaaAaaaaaAaaaady such a beautiful dream…”

Last week, a video started to do the rounds on social media of a young boy yodelling at a Walmart in front of an older woman.

He quickly became known as The Walmart Yodel Boy (because the Internet is nothing if not lazy at naming stuff), and within 72 hours, a meme had swept the entirety of the internet, working its yodel-y way into everyone’s subconscious.

In the days that followed, we discovered that the video was of 12-year-old Mason Ramsey performing ‘Lovesick Blues’ for customers (including, according to popular beliefs, his own grandmother, who can be seen in the video) of the Harrisburg, Illinois branch of Walmart.

Of course, aside from lazily naming stuff, the other thing the Internet is absolutely brilliant at is finding stuff like this and making it funnier than you ever imagined possible.

And since first being uploaded, Mason’s video has been viewed millions and millions of times, but has also resulted in the following:

Why exactly we’ve adopted The Walmart Yodel Boy into all of our hearts is beyond us.

Maybe it has something to do with his giant shoes, or giant belt buckle, or the look of grim determination as he belts out those notes, as if his life literally depended on it.

Regardless, yodelling is our whole lives now, and we’re not sure we’ll ever stop being into it…

Oh. Never mind. As you were.

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