Any wannabe writers out there will want to check out this unique event in Dublin 1 year ago

Any wannabe writers out there will want to check out this unique event in Dublin

If you've written a book or a screenplay and are looking for help with the next step, then this is absolutely for you.

The International Literature Festival in 2019 runs from Saturday 18 to Sunday 26 May, and part of this year's line-up will allow budding writers to meet some famous agents, as well as some successful first-time writers.


If you've got an idea for a book or a script, then you can send on your sample to the ILFI (which you should check out for the full details), and BBC Script Editor Kieran Grimes will pick the ten finalists to take part in the "Date With An Agent" event.

As per the event's page:

"We’re changing the format a tiny bit this year with each agent having 10 one-to-one meetings with prospective authors. Send us sample of your work (closing date 31st March 2019) and you could be selected to meet with an agent. Each agent will meet 10 writers whose work they will receive in advance.

"Whether you are writing for children or adults, whether your book is speculative fiction, women’s fiction, non-fiction or literary fiction, or you’re writing a TV or film script we have an agent for you!

"For the first time we are inviting screen scripts and are very excited to be joined by Ellen Gallagher from Casarotto Ramsay & Associates who are an agency who do not accept open submissions from new writers – this is an incredible opportunity to get your work seen by them."

There will be six top literary and screen agents and two top London editors in Smock Alley Theatre on Saturday 25 May to explain exactly how the publishing industry works, and what you need to do to make it work for you.

Those who attend will also hear from three debut novelists on how they got their deals and how things happened for them.