WATCH: Athlone snorkeler rescues kitten from lock chamber in River Shannon 3 years ago

WATCH: Athlone snorkeler rescues kitten from lock chamber in River Shannon

An incredible watch.

A video of a heroic mission which saw a tiny kitten saved from an almost enclosed cavity overlooking the River Shannon has gone viral on Facebook, with onlookers praising the local group's efforts in the animal rescue.


Speaking to JOE was the Public Relations Officer for the Athlone Sub Aqua Club, Cormac Nott, who told us all about the rescue mission that nearly never happened.

"Sunday just gone, Athlone Sub Aqua Club was providing safety cover for Athlone Shannon Festival, an event going on in town. A lockkeeper, who you can't see in the video, had one of our radios for the day and were heading back to the clubhouse that evening when all the activities were done.

"When we went to collect the radio, one of our snorkellers Emily Spencer, who's only 15, said that she thought she saw two paws in a hole in the lock chamber. We thought she was seeing things but she convinced us to go back and look."

Upon discovering that her suspicions were right, one of the group's members then entered the water to kick-start the rescue mission.

"Snorkeler Jonathon Canavan entered the water and managed to get hold of a very damp, cold large kitten. The lock keeper was ready to drop the lock and everything to ensure better access to it.

"The kitten named Lucky was returned gratefully to the shore with eight of its nine lives remaining."


As for how Lucky made it into the lock chamber, nobody is entirely sure.

"We asked the lock keeper how he thinks it may have gotten it and he can't figure out either," Nott said.

"There's no way from the other side to get down unless the cat had fallen in."

We think it's safe to say, that 15-year-old Emily very much saved the day with this one.


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