WATCH: Our action-packed adventure weekend in Northern Ireland 1 year ago

WATCH: Our action-packed adventure weekend in Northern Ireland

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We already want to go back...

Our little island might not be perfect, but it damn sure isn't far off. Whether you're in Cork or Cavan, we have everything that Northern Ireland has to offer just a bit up the road.

On a recent trip up north, our own Justine Stafford and Áine Leech (jammy feckers) got to enjoy the best of what Northern Ireland has to offer thrill seekers. Check out the full video below, but here's a bit more on some of our favourite spots we got to visit;

Established Coffee - fuel for the trip


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As you'll see with the video, it was a pretty action-packed day ahead. There's no better way to start a day than with a solid breakfast, which is exactly what we got with Established Coffee in Belfast.

The Eggs Benedict is as delicious as you're ever likely to get, and the coffee was more than enough to keep a smile on everyone's face throughout the day.

We Are Vertigo - indoor skydive


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Have you ever completed a 24,000 ft skydive without even having to go outside? We didn't really think that was possible, but We Are Vertigo proved us wrong.

It's an experience that is very difficult to explain without having actually doing it for yourself.

Only one way to solve that...

Friend at Hand - whiskey is key

Irish people invented whiskey, and you can be damn sure we know how to make the stuff. With a collection of over 600 Irish whiskeys, the Friend at Hand Whiskey Shop is a celebration of the history of the stuff.

With more than half of their collection off-limits to anyone looking to buy, even getting close to such a unique collection is special. If it includes a tasting or two, all the better!

Cave Hill - a breath of fresh air


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Northern Ireland is all about finding fantastic things in surprising places. Cave Hill makes you feel like you're totally cut off from the outside world, but in reality it's only a brisk walk away from Belfast Castle.

If you do make it to the top, you'll be rewarded with some of the best views of Belfast city that you could ever hope to see.

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