WATCH: This award-winning Cork ice cream parlour has created ice cream pasta 4 years ago

WATCH: This award-winning Cork ice cream parlour has created ice cream pasta

The big question is... do you eat it with a spoon or a fork?

Ever wanted to visit Italy?


They do amazing pasta and ice cream there, in case you didn't know.

Well, now you can get the best of both worlds, and without paying for a plane ticket, because Fantastic Flavours Ice-Cream Parlour in Cork have created a pasta ice cream!

First things first, we know exactly what you're thinking (because it was the first thing we thought, too), and no, this isn't pasta-flavoured ice cream, or ice cream-flavoured pasta.

This is Fantastic Flavour's award-winning handmade, artisan ice cream shaped like pasta noodles, topped with raspberry sauce.


The Tutti Pasta Vanuli is available for the store on Main Street in Youghal, and the store itself was the winner of Dessert Outlet of the Year at the Food Awards Ireland, as well as the winner of Best Artisan Ice Cream in Ireland.

Store owner Micael O'Hurley told JOE how they came up with the idea:

"Ice Cream has been around for a couple thousand years. Trying to find new ways to make it exciting is difficult. We took a page from the Chinese, who invented noodles, the Italians, who created ragu, and the Germans, who perfected cheese.

"Being an artisan ice cream maker, we then decided to make the noodles from vanilla ice cream, ragu from raspberry sauce and the Parmesan from crushed meringue and voila! Fantastic Flavours Tutti Pasta Vanuli was born."


Check out O'Hurley creating the concoction right here:

Clip via Miceal O'Hurley