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04th Dec 2016

WATCH: Cork woman surprises family by coming home for Christmas, her poor mother can’t deal with it

Alan Loughnane

This will warm your cold heart just a tad…

No matter how many times we see someone surprise their family by their appearance, it still stirs something deep within us.

Mairead O’Driscoll from Castlehaven, Cork has been living in America for the last 13 months, and finally this month, she decided she’d make a trip home to see her mother and father, Ann and Anto.

With the help of her friend Hanna O’Driscoll, who collected her at the airport, she arrived home to their house to catch the pair completely unawares.

Her mother’s reaction is priceless as she roars, “You lied to me!”, and curses her while hugging her fiercely.

Wonderful to see…

Cheers to Hanna O’Driscoll for sending this our way. 
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