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24th Jul 2016

WATCH: Definitive proof that wherever you go, there’s always one person in a Mayo jersey

Alan Loughnane

Mayo for Sam?

Mayo people are a rare breed, they’re eternally optimistic about their chances of winning the Sam Maguire every year while hanging out their corner forwards to dry in poorly lined pitches.

They really do go to great lengths to help out their neighbours while parking though, fair play to them.

It’s become a dead cert that at every major sporting event, there will inevitably be one person wearing a Mayo jersey and holding a placard reading ‘Mayo For Sam’.

The Huffington Post went to Cleveland to ask American voters what is the first thing that Donald Trump should do if he becomes President of the United States.

While we didn’t pay much attention to what was actually being said in the video, something around 40 seconds in caught our eye.

Of course, there was a Mayo jersey…

Cheers to Gerard Lynch for sending this our way. 
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