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07th Nov 2019

WATCH: Dog’s Trust release Christmas advert and it’s important viewing for everyone

A dog is for life not for Christmas.

Denise Curtin

We can’t emphasise it enough and yet, every Christmas the statistics show that people are still not listening.

A dog is for life and not just for Christmas.

During the Christmas period, charities like Dog’s Trust and the DSPCA stop their adoption service in the hope to reduce the number of abandoned dogs once the festive season ends.

This, unfortunately, doesn’t stop the number of dogs that come into them in the months following Christmas as people realise they can’t house their Christmas present anymore.

In a bid to remind people once more before they start their Christmas shopping that a dog DOESN’T come with a gift receipt, Dogs Trust created this emotional advert showing an animated dog named “Corkie” being the centre of attention on Christmas Day but then, swept into a dumpster once the excitement passes.

The reality for one too many dogs.

Dogs Trust has revealed that searches for a puppy soar by 44 percent in December while searches for ‘get a dog’ increase by 27 percent.

The charity’s chief executive Owen Sharp said in a statement:

“Dog ownership is wonderful, and we aren’t saying ‘don’t get a dog’. We’re just asking that people are sure they are ready for the long-term commitment that comes with it.”

Don’t add to the statistic of abandoned dogs. Don’t increase the number of dogs who are on the search for a home… yet again.