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All. Too. Relatable.

Listen, we've all got those shoes that look great on, but taking them off requires weeks of planning, heavy duty machinery and maybe some kind of body-numbing tranquilizer.

This goes double for Christmas Day, when you've been eating and drinking so much that the idea of having any clothing item on that is in any way restricting... well... we think Joey had the right idea...

Clip via TheFinalAction

Which is why, when JOE reader Bobby Foy from Donaghmede in Dublin brought this footage of his parents to our attention, we had to share it with the world.

He just sits back and watches his poor Mammy try to get her shoes off at the end of a long and joyful Christmas Day, and neither he nor his Dad nor anyone in the room can keep from cracking up when it dawns on the Mammy that the shoes won't be coming off easily, and not any time soon.

Oh, and just FYI, this a little NSFW, language wise. But sure wouldn't you be too if you were trapped from the ankle down in a leather and zip prison??


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