WATCH: The fastest burrito eater in Ireland has been discovered 5 years ago

WATCH: The fastest burrito eater in Ireland has been discovered

Could this be Ireland’s fastest burrito eater?

When you think of burritos, do you think of the pinto beans? The succulent beef? The sour cream? The guacamole? Or do you think, "How can I shove this parcel of deliciousness into my belly as fast as possible?"


We know most of you are happy with getting a cheeky extra helping of guac in your burrito but some of us are just not satisfied until we’ve devoured a burrito in under 60 seconds. Introducing Eoin, a tattooed, six foot-something, moustached, passionate climate change speaker and possibly the fastest burrito eater that Ireland has ever seen.

Our own Dara Dynamite and Kymann have been known to dabble like a pair of awestruck children in the world of competitive eating. They were recently trundled by a wave of outraged burrito enthusiasts and Boojum addicts after expressing the opinion that Tolteca has the best burrito in Dublin.

One such person was the incredible burrito eater Eoin. He singled out Dara and publicly challenged him to a burrito-eating contest in his favourite burrito joint, Boojum. The rules were simple - eat one burrito packed with everything you’d expect from a juicy Boojum burrito as fast as possible. Oh and don’t forget the addition of the spiciest sauce on the menu - the Naga sauce.

Dara’s overly competitive spirit brought him to Boojum on Kevin Street where he met Eoin, shook his shovel-like hands and asked, “So how fast can you eat a burrito?”


“49 seconds,” Eoin replied...

To see if Dara overcame the super fast burrito eater, if Eoin beat his own record or if someone succumbed to the wrath of the Naga sauce, check out the video.