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21st Oct 2018

WATCH: Footage of a mongoose taking on several lions has gone viral

Carl Kinsella

Mongoose vs lions

I think I speak for us all when I say: fair play to this mongoose.

Mongooses (mongeese?) are confusing animals. They’re basically like a slightly longer stoat, or weasel, but for some reason, they are totally fearless — and everything else in the animal kingdom seems to be terrified of them.

They’re most famous for hunting and killing poisonous snakes, but this weekend, a video has gone viral of a tiny mongoose absolutely holding its own against a pack of lionesses.

It’s unclear why the mongoose would even want to get involved with several far more dangerous animals. It’s also unclear why the lions appear to be so scared of the mongoose. And yet here we are.

As you can see from the video as well, the mongoose totally instigates the confrontation, and the lions want absolutely none of it. Don’t turn your volume up loud though, because that mongoose is screaming the house down.

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