WATCH: A gut-busting trip to Tipp to find Ireland's most extreme takeaway 6 years ago

WATCH: A gut-busting trip to Tipp to find Ireland's most extreme takeaway

At 25 ounces of meat, this is Ireland's ultimate burger.

After a fantastic debut for The JOE Show last week, we rejoined hosts Paddy McKenna and Eoghan Doherty for another episode of chat, craic and some of Ireland’s freshest musical talent.


Broadcasting live on Facebook and Twitter, the lads discuss the week's top stories, such as exam "procrasturbation" and how to blaspheme like a pro. However, there was one serious issue left to tackle: where is Ireland’s most extreme takeaway… and can a mere mortal eat it?

I set off along with professional chancer Kymann Power to the gastronomic outpost of Kilsheelan in Co. Tipperary to eat the fabled monster burger made by Aaron’s Takeaway.

Along the way, we tried to break into the Rock of Cashel but the walls proved to be more impregnable than a sterilised nun in a chastity belt.

With no breakfast consumed and a combined BMI of 12, the odds were stacked against us when we finally reached Kilsheelan, and the fear built to post-Coppers levels when we saw almost a dozen chunks of meat sizzling in front of us.


Then it arrived. The JOE Burger: a bun, lettuce, sauces, chorizo, a wad of cheese and 25 ounces of beef and chicken. It was enough to leave a vegan quaking in their Tola Vintage distressed denim.

Having prepared with extensive study of competitive eaters and their training habits, we were in the form of our lives. Kymann powered through the burger with chilling efficiency, managing to double his bodyweight and quadruple his chances of massive cardiac arrest in the course of a single meal.

Considering the burger could have finished even the most determined carnivore, the staff of Aaron's were kind enough to remain on standby with napkins and a defibrillator for the duration of the contest.


The only question remaining is: can you handle the JOE Burger?

Tune in next Tuesday at 8:30pm for more hard-hitting investigative journalism, only on The JOE Show.

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