WATCH: This guy's kiss cam proposal went horribly wrong 4 years ago

WATCH: This guy's kiss cam proposal went horribly wrong

We'd be raging if this happened to any of us.

Having waited his turn to appear on the Atlanta Hawks kiss cam, a nervous basketball fan took his girlfriend's hand, got down on one knee and prepared to ask a very big question.


The camera captured the moment beautifully... her stunned reaction as he held out the ring box and she pressed her hands to her face with happy tears in her eyes.

It also captured the moment, seconds later, when an over zealous bystander reaches over to pat him on the back and accidentally knocks the engagement ring from his hands.

Time stops. The surrounding crowds in the stands react in horror, instantly dropping to the ground to search for the lost bauble. The woman, who should be enjoying a very public declaration of adoration, instinctively yells at the man who sent her engagement ring flying through the air.

Some Facebook users have suggested the whole incident may have been staged but we're not so sure. We hope, for the would-be groom's sake, that it was.

Check out the video (about one minute in) to decide for yourself...